Ice, Ice, Baby

19 01 2011

Yes, I have figure skates. I’m a girl 🙂

It’s been freeze-your-butt off cold in Southcentral Alaska. At or below zero. For a very long time. The upside is it’s been stunningly beautiful with sunny, clear skies and hoarfrost coating the trees. With no new snow (yet) this year, Dan and I decided to go ice skating on Potter’s Marsh-something I’ve always wanted to do. First, we went on Sunday night in the dark with our headlamps. The designs in the ice were so cool, we quickly decided to take a long lunch on Monday so we could see and photograph them in the daylight.

Bubbles trapped in the ice.

Dan taking photos.


Dan skating circles around me on his nordic blades. My figure skates can’t compete 😦



One response

20 01 2011
Ike Waits

The bubble shots almost make we want to leave sunny AZ to participate, well that might be a little bit of an exageration! Great art shots! Ike

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