Early Season Skiing at the Jewel

24 10 2012

With blue skies and fresh snow, we decided to ski the Jewel Glacier (an early season gem) along with every other backcountry skier in Southcentral. Holy smokes it was crowded! I would’ve thought the 3.5 mile approach would’ve detered a few peeps….but not so much.

View of the Milk Glacier. Boone ditched us in the parking lot to ski the Milk, and on the lower right of the glacier, you can barely see Boone and his friends skinning up. They made the right decision to avoid the crowds and ski the Milk, they had it all to themselves.

  Boone & his friends skinning up the Milk.

View of Crow Pass and Crystal Lake. Rumor has it 12 people stayed in the cabin at the lake the night before. We saw a bunch more people headed in with big packs on our way out…..glad we did this as a day trip.

Kasey enjoying the fresh pow.

Ryan dropping in on a good line.

Kasey dropping a knee.

Kasey and Ryan headed back on the Crow Pass trail.

Summer skiing in AK…..

24 08 2012

Skiing Tincan in mid-July….still enjoying the epic winter we had! The best summer skiing ever.

Dan testing his mad slush cup skills. Yes, I got drenched taking this photo 🙂

Kasey, Dan, & Boone headed up to the Jewel Glacier on a warm August evening. Best (& longest) August ski!

The clouds rolled in over the glacier and created some interesting visibility.

The clouds were moving quickly. One moment white out, the next glimpses of the surrounding peaks.

Joel came to town from Australia and wanted some turns, so we I headed back to the Jewel. Found these four mountain goats right off the trail.

Joel checking out a waterfall off the end of the glacier.

70 months skiing and counting!

Skiing the Jewel

12 10 2010

Saturday Boone, Dan, and I headed to Girdwood to ski the Jewel Glacier.  We started our 10 mile, 3500 ft elevation gain (after 3 laps) in the clouds, which quickly gave way to sunshine!

View from the Jewel. Crystal Lake and Crow Pass.

Boone booting up towards the Jewel.

Dan booting up with a view towards Girdwood.

Looking back towards Crystal Lake and Crow Pass.


View of the Milk Glacier.

Dan skiing down the Jewel Glacier.

We decided to head towards the Raven Glacier, but the Havocs got worked on some rocks below the Jewel. It’s still early season 🙂

Boone climbing back from the aborted attempt at skiing the Raven.

Boone descending towards Crow Pass.

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