Last night’s Aurora

28 09 2011

A few pics of last night’s aurora shot near Girdwood. It was cloudy with rain in Anchorage, luckily, I got a phone call from my friend Joel in Girdwood to let me know the sky was clear there and the aurora was in full swing.

There were some crazy flashes in the sky. I found out later the flashes I saw was lightning that caused a deep purple in some of my photos.

Adventure/Survival skiing in the Chugach

15 03 2011

Six of us headed up to the Chugach Powder Hut in Girdwood for the weekend. With no new snow this past MONTH, and lots of wind, we knew the skiing wasn’t going to be great. Although, the weather has been phenominal, and we wanted to check out the terrain for future trips. Sunny and warm we had slim hopes of finding slopes that may have been protected from the windblast.  We didn’t find any-it was definitely survival skiing on hard as rock snow-I think I was able to link two turns together in respectable snow all weekend 🙂 It was all good though, fun times with a great group, and endless possibilities for a future good snow year. 

Janet and Sam skinning up above the hut.

Chris catching some air.

The hut.

View of Girdwood and Turnagain Arm from the hut.

View of the Roundhouse, tram, and the North Face at Alyeska, sunset.

Mark and the Sams bootpacking it up. Once we got off the cat-track the snow was so windblasted we found it easier in places to bootpack than skin. 

Janet and Chris on top checking out the possibilities.

The crew.

Pano of the area with the crew in the upper left.

Mark recording the moment.


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