Skiing Thompson Pass

29 02 2012


With such an epic snow year, Dan, Michelle, and I had to take advantage and head to Thompson Pass/Valdez to ski some of Alaska’s finest. We were stunned at the endless possibilities. Bluebird skies, nice powder (although there was windblown areas too), and pretty stable avy conditions made it to a pretty sweet trip!

Dan skiing Girls Mountain.



Michelle descending Girls.


Dan and Michelle heading up towards Catcher’s Mitt.

Clouds rolled in for a little while on Saturday, producing some cool lighting on the surrounding mountains. Luckily, the clouds headed back out so we could enjoy more blue sky!


Michelle on top of Moonlight Basin.

Decending Moonlight Basin.

Temps were around -10F in the morning, rising to the teens by afternoon. Overnight temps called for a wind chill of -30F, we decided to head down the Pass to Valdez to camp. It was just a degree or two below zero there Friday night/Saturday morning. Saturday night was much warmer, 10-15 degrees. Sunday we woke up to 10 inches of fresh, it snowing like a banshee, 8 more predicted for the day, avy and  travel advisories for Thompson Pass.

I’d say there’s a little bit of snow this year in Valdez….Michelle and Dan in front of one of the snowbanks. The snow in Valdez easily reaches the first story roofs, and reminds me of a fortress built with snow walls.

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