Blue skies, nice Pow….a few recent excursions

21 02 2013

Winter in¬†AK started off slowly…early season conditions and a terrible snowpack plagued us till January. To top it off, I took a bad jump in flat light and injured my foot, so I’ve been on gimp status for most of Jan/Feb ūüė¶

Pre-gimp skiing @ Hatcher’s with Dan.hatchers¬†Eva.eva

 Dan skiing above the clouds on Marmot.dan marmot

skin b & w


Went snowmachining at -13F in Hatcher’s with a fellow gimp,¬†the Pirate, while I was gimpy too. Probably not what the doctor ordered, but I couldn’t resist and the powder was amazing…..IMG_6696pirate small¬†IMG_6872-pirate small¬†IMG_6887-pirate small

I finally made it back to skiing after¬†5 weeks off! Blower snow above 1000 ft. at Pete’s North. It was fabulous-until I fell and re-injured my foot.¬†ūüė¶ Back on gimp status.

Jon getting after it at as the sun¬†just crests Pete’s South.IMG_7227-small

Nordic Blading @ the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge (and a little bit of skiing)

28 11 2012

I’ve been scoping them out for a couple years now, and finally made the plunge the day before Thanksgiving. I bought nordic blades.¬†They open up a whole new world in skating, making the uneven surfaces and obstacles embedded into the surfaces of ¬†lakes, marshes, and tarns easy to skate on.¬†As¬†Jeff put it-they are like the 4×4 of ice skating.¬† Also, I’m trying to make lemonade out of a lemon of a winter so far…..the lack of snow (zero) has definitely impacted my enthusiasm, so I’m embracing¬†what we do have plenty of-ice!¬†


I never would have guessed to head to the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge to skate on the inlet had I not found a note about it on a local ice skating forum. We had extremely high tides combined with cold temps this week that made the inlet/refuge into a nordic blade haven. 

Eva and Dan heading into the noon sun….which isn’t far off the horizon this time of year.

Some challenging ice….Nordic blades make this stuff completely doable.

We found some beautiful ice! There were a lot of places where the ice was as nice as if it had been zambonied.

Jeff and Sabrina headed out with me a couple days later to try nordic blading. 

Tika seemed to get around just fine without skates.

I did manage to make it to Turnagain and ski over the weekend with Brian and Sabrina….to ski on snow that fell weeks ago. One of the only places that hasn’t been ripping out due to the cold, clear weather creating hoarfrost and instability was Tincan. We were suprised that it wasn’t as tracked out as we imagined it would be.

Sabrina enjoying the sunshine and temperature inversion on top of Tincan.

Just because Brian is one of the best snowboarders I know, I had to post this pic….it was fun watching him on skis for the first time since 7th grade ūüôā

In all fairness, he did really well, and only fell this once.

View from Superbowl

22 11 2011

The skiing has been awesome ūüôā

Center Ridge, Again

2 05 2011

Sabrina joined me for another warm, beautiful spring day of  ski touring at Center Ridge.

Touring Center Ridge

11 04 2011


Pow day in Turnagain

23 02 2011

We’ve had below average amounts of snow this winter in Southcentral Alaska. It finally snowed late last week, so¬†Saturday Jon and I took advantage of the fresh powder, bluebird skies, and warm temperatures (it warmed up from 4F at my house to¬†20F+ at the parking lot)¬†in Turnagain and went skiing at Tincan.¬†Suprisingly, it wasn’t crowded.

Jon on the skin up.

Jon with Tincan Proper. We did have gusts of wind. But the snow was light, fluffy, Utah-like powder!


That’s what I’m talkin’ bout!¬†


Jon’s face says it all!

My new/used set-up-the Line Prophet 100’s.¬† Thanks to Andres, Jim, Cathy, Sam and everyone else that helped me pull this together!

XC skiing Hatcher’s Pass with Leanne, Backcountry skiing Sunburst with Dan

15 11 2010

The weather in Hatcher’s was warm and sunny for our xc ski at Independence Mine. There was less snow coverage than usual this time of year-about 1-2 inches near the parking lot and¬†6 inches or so up at Independence Mine, and¬†8 inches at Gold Cord Mine.

Old mining buildings at Independence Mine.

View above Independence Mine.

Leanne skiing down from Gold Cord Mine.

We headed south¬†to Turnagain Pass to ski Sunburst last Saturday… did half of Anchorage.¬† Luckily, we got there early and were ahead of most of the crew.¬† Conditions were interesting……It had been warm and wet¬†the few days prior and froze friday night. It had also been windy at the top which crusted up the fresh powder.¬† Mid mountain the skiing was the best-no/little wind crust and decent snow, then the torture of the bottom.¬† The bottom was a mess-ice crust, alders not completely covered, but,¬†anchored to catch your ski tips-a chunked up concrete mess.¬† Luckily, we made it down without any injuries.

Dan headed down.

Some of the wind crusty chunks flying.

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