Santacon 2012

20 12 2012

My favorite holiday-Santacon!

Oh, Oh, Oh Santa.oh oh santa

An elf decorating (with permission!)elf decorating

Some Santa Love.santa love

Santa Who?greg


Fiesta Santa.Fiesta Santa

Good Santa? Doubt it.good santa

Seattle Santa.jeremy

2012 Talkeetna Wilderness Woman Contest & Bachelor Ball/Auction

3 12 2012

talkeetna sign

Eva invited me to join her and her friends competing in the Wilderness Woman contest this year. As usual, Talkeetna throws some of the best parties. 52 women competed this year (the most ever!). With only the top 5 advancing to the next round, the competition is fierce. I won my heat, coming from behind (apparently I run faster hauling 10 gallons of water than with an empty bucket), but didn’t make the next round. It was super fun to participate in!running buckets

Becca hauling most of her body weight to the finish line, while a strange looking moose is cheering her on.becca

The 5 women that advanced to Round 2 had to first make their “man” a sandwich, open a beer, and serve it to him on his lazy chair. He wears a Helly Hansen rainsuit for a reason 🙂

sandwich and beer


Then, they had to saw some wood, load the sled full of logs, drive the snowmachine pulling the sled around the park, and put the wood in the fire ring. It’s all timed, so only the 3 fastest women advance to the final round.snowmachine The last round again consists of more things any true Alaskan woman should know. Fishing for salmon kicked off round

Next it’s lacing up the snowshoes, shooting a ptarmigan (balloons), climbing a ladder to ring the bell at the Fairview, and killing a two legged moose, before racing off to victory. Here is the winner, a recent transplant from Virginia. She kicked ass!snowshoe

Later, it was time for the Bachelor Auction/Ball, where all the elegible bachelors in Talkeetna strut their stuff, all the proceeds going to benefit victims of domestic violence in the Talkeetna area. As usual in Alaska, the odds are good, but the goods are odd. 🙂bachelors

bachelor 1

Jimmie Sandy, a local musician with my favorite band the Denali Cooks, getting auctioned off.jim sandy

Sharing his gently side, this bachelor wooed the ladies by kissing the back of their hands.a kiss

Not sure where he managed to find a gingham onesy….gingham boy

Even less sure where this guy found this delapadated g string….fur

Even the BBC film crew guys joined the fun!bbc guy

After the auction we found the northern lights and a bonfire….then off to the after party at the Fairview!northern lights

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