Ice Skating on a Frozen Tarn

29 10 2012



With no fresh snow and colder than usual temps, it’s made for ideal ice skating conditions. Sunday, I got invited to go with a group on a hike to ice skate on a frozen ice tarn in Eagle River. I’ve been so appreciating this 10+ day stretch of sunny, clear weather! But, can’t wait for the snow in the forecast at the same time…..

I love checking out all the interesting designs frozen in the lake.

Our view from the tarn. The warm sun on the mountains reflect some pink/orangish hues onto the lake, with some skaters in the background.

A crystal clear piece of ice sitting on top of the frozen tarn.

Dan skating past some older blade marks frozen in the ice.



Pow day in Turnagain

23 02 2011

We’ve had below average amounts of snow this winter in Southcentral Alaska. It finally snowed late last week, so Saturday Jon and I took advantage of the fresh powder, bluebird skies, and warm temperatures (it warmed up from 4F at my house to 20F+ at the parking lot) in Turnagain and went skiing at Tincan. Suprisingly, it wasn’t crowded.

Jon on the skin up.

Jon with Tincan Proper. We did have gusts of wind. But the snow was light, fluffy, Utah-like powder!


That’s what I’m talkin’ bout! 


Jon’s face says it all!

My new/used set-up-the Line Prophet 100’s.  Thanks to Andres, Jim, Cathy, Sam and everyone else that helped me pull this together!

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