Blue skies, nice Pow….a few recent excursions

21 02 2013

Winter in¬†AK started off slowly…early season conditions and a terrible snowpack plagued us till January. To top it off, I took a bad jump in flat light and injured my foot, so I’ve been on gimp status for most of Jan/Feb ūüė¶

Pre-gimp skiing @ Hatcher’s with Dan.hatchers¬†Eva.eva

 Dan skiing above the clouds on Marmot.dan marmot

skin b & w


Went snowmachining at -13F in Hatcher’s with a fellow gimp,¬†the Pirate, while I was gimpy too. Probably not what the doctor ordered, but I couldn’t resist and the powder was amazing…..IMG_6696pirate small¬†IMG_6872-pirate small¬†IMG_6887-pirate small

I finally made it back to skiing after¬†5 weeks off! Blower snow above 1000 ft. at Pete’s North. It was fabulous-until I fell and re-injured my foot.¬†ūüė¶ Back on gimp status.

Jon getting after it at as the sun¬†just crests Pete’s South.IMG_7227-small

Rock Skiing the Chugach

1 11 2012

With no new snow and seriously early skiing conditions I’m not sure why we skied anywhere but on a glacier. But the temptation of skiing a new area, not easily accessed later in the winter got my attention. We headed to Hope last Saturday to ski a couloir some friends in the group had¬†skied after the first decent dump of snow, it also had a base from snow that never melted from the previous winter. We skinned/hiked/booted 3-4 miles in and up to 4500 ft. to access the run.

Mave topping out a steep section.

Mike, Michelle, and Mave booting up to the couloir we were skiing.

Michelle dropping in. The top of the couloir had 3-4 inches on top of wind hammered, hard-as-a-rock snow as a base. Midway down it just had the rock hard snow littered with chocolate chips/rocks. By the time I skied (4) there was very little loose snow. It was survival skiing at it’s best ūüôā Something¬†I really wasn’t¬†geared up for this early in the season….

When we dropped into the bowl there was decent powder, but that was short lived, moving onto barely covered tundra and rocks. My legs were jelly from survival skiing the couloir.

The gorgeous hike out past kettle lakes and a waterfall. We actually skied some of this, hence the rock skis. After I took a pretty good fall (a rock stopped me in my tracks) I decided to hike the rest of the way. Don’t need any end of season injuries before it even starts!

My new rock skis ūüė¶ Gouged tip to tail. Nothing a little p-tex can’t fix!

The Annual June Ski

15 06 2011

I love the June ski. It’s not the longest run, or the best, but¬†it’s the only¬†time I get to ride my bike to a¬†backcountry ski run. It’s always sunny, with spring ski snow that’s somewhere between corn and slush.¬†Every June,¬†Burrell and I hop on our bikes, packs loaded with skis, and ski the gullies in Powerline Pass¬†after work.¬†

Neil and his pup joined us for an after ski beer.

B heading home.

Skiing the Jewel

12 10 2010

Saturday Boone, Dan, and I headed to Girdwood to ski the Jewel Glacier.  We started our 10 mile, 3500 ft elevation gain (after 3 laps) in the clouds, which quickly gave way to sunshine!

View from the Jewel. Crystal Lake and Crow Pass.

Boone booting up towards the Jewel.

Dan booting up with a view towards Girdwood.

Looking back towards Crystal Lake and Crow Pass.


View of the Milk Glacier.

Dan skiing down the Jewel Glacier.

We decided to head towards the Raven Glacier, but the Havocs got worked on some rocks below the Jewel. It’s still early season ūüôā

Boone climbing back from the aborted attempt at skiing the Raven.

Boone descending towards Crow Pass.

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