SantaCon Anchorage 2010!

14 12 2010

Already looking forward to next year…..

Larry, Sabrina, Santa, Me, and Leanne with the Storm Troopers @ Sears Mall

A visit to the Andy Warhol exhibit…….

1 12 2010

XC skiing Hatcher’s Pass with Leanne, Backcountry skiing Sunburst with Dan

15 11 2010

The weather in Hatcher’s was warm and sunny for our xc ski at Independence Mine. There was less snow coverage than usual this time of year-about 1-2 inches near the parking lot and 6 inches or so up at Independence Mine, and 8 inches at Gold Cord Mine.

Old mining buildings at Independence Mine.

View above Independence Mine.

Leanne skiing down from Gold Cord Mine.

We headed south to Turnagain Pass to ski Sunburst last Saturday… did half of Anchorage.  Luckily, we got there early and were ahead of most of the crew.  Conditions were interesting……It had been warm and wet the few days prior and froze friday night. It had also been windy at the top which crusted up the fresh powder.  Mid mountain the skiing was the best-no/little wind crust and decent snow, then the torture of the bottom.  The bottom was a mess-ice crust, alders not completely covered, but, anchored to catch your ski tips-a chunked up concrete mess.  Luckily, we made it down without any injuries.

Dan headed down.

Some of the wind crusty chunks flying.

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