Portage Lake-Portage Glacier XC ski with Sabrina & Parker/Merry Christmas 2010

29 12 2010

On Christmas day, Sabrina, Parker, and I decided to head out for a chilly (about -10F at the glacier) xc ski across Portage Lake to Portage Glacier.  It was a beautiful, frigid, & sunny day. Suprisingly we had the lake to ourselves.


Sabrina and Parker

Chunk of ice in front of Bard Peak 

Sabrina taking Parker’s photo

Portage Glacier

Interesting ice at the top of the glacier

Me and Sabrina dorking it up

Our tracks

SantaCon Anchorage 2010!

14 12 2010

Already looking forward to next year…..

Larry, Sabrina, Santa, Me, and Leanne with the Storm Troopers @ Sears Mall

A visit to the Andy Warhol exhibit…….

1 12 2010

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