Roadtrip to Haines

4 10 2012

Our annual Yukon/Southeast Alaska fall trip! Haines is definitely one of my favorite places in Alaska, and the bonus is you get to drive through the Yukon to get there! I’ve been going there since I was six and never get tired of the 15 hour drive. It’s an amazing roadtrip, through mountain passes, past roaring rivers and turquoise colored mountain lakes. And if you’re lucky, a bit of wildlife along the way.

Sunrise south of Tok.

Sabrina. Excited about the Yukon.

 Destruction Bay, Yukon. Always gorgeous and windy! As many times as I’ve been through here, I never get tired of seeing Kluane Lake.

Sabrina catching some air above Kluane Lake. 

When we got to Haines we headed to the Chilkoot River to check for any bear activity. The river (like everywhere else in Alaska because of the crazy rain this fall) was super high, making fishing difficult, and not as many bears. We did find one-and he was quite lively, putting on a heck of a show. First, he popped up on the road bridge over the river, peering over the guardrails at the river, as if trying to get a better view of the fish. He then pranced up the river, chasing fishermen (just playing), swimming, and fishing here and there. He seemed to be having a pretty good time!

Brown bear in Chilkoot River, Haines. 

Brown Bear eating salmon in Chilkoot River

 Totem Pole.

Haines harbor.

While fall is just about over in the rest of Alaska, the colors were just starting to turn in Haines.

Close up of a couple of drums at Jussi’s house in Haines.

Jussi on our beach hike.

Tika & Sabrina.

A couple of very playful sea lions. We had a total of four of them romping around and breaching like whales right offshore in front of us.

Interesting accomodations on the outskirts of Haines….

Fresh snow in the Yukon! It made for an interesting (yet beautiful!) drive home in some places…




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