Roadtrip to Dawson City

6 06 2012

With the weather in Alaska wet and soggy, naturally we headed to Canada for some warmth and sun 🙂

My five day kayak trip over Memorial Day weekend got canceled at the last minute, so I called my old friend Mitch, and we were off to Dawson City the next morning! We had a pretty stacked weekend…. between gambling and the can can show, panning for gold, exploring the paddle boat graveyard and  the 4×4 dirt roads of the Yukon, and I even got my packraft out on the Yukon!

I love all the historic buildings and wooden sidewalks……

View of Dawson City and the Yukon River from Midnight Sun Dome.

We found these strange bird houses everywhere along the Bonanza Creek Road. Apparently a gold miner put these up to attract swallows, who in turn eat the pesty mosquitos, that are plentiful in the area. It seems to work.

If quartz was worth something we’d be rich! Mitch panning for gold in Bonanza Creek at Claim 33.

Paddle boat on the Yukon.

The coolest find in Dawson City-The Paddleboat Graveyard. There are what is left of seven paddleboats here. Four of them, including this one, the “Seattle”, are pretty much right on the banks of the Yukon.

Three of the paddle boats are 100 ft +/- in the woods.

Yummy steaks and the camping to ourselves……our fire on the banks of the Yukon near 40 Mile River.




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6 06 2012
Ike Waits

Amber: Thanks for bring back memories! I celebrated my 60th in Dawson City. I missed the paddle boat graveyard and steaks on the Yukon River bank so I have reasons to go back! Your immages and narrative tell great stories.

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