Da’ Bears

30 09 2010

I was fortunate enough to get invited to help Roy Toft and Mark Garbutt with their photo safari tour to Brooks Camp in Katmai in early September. I came on as camp cook and helped with guiding our 12 awesome clients. Brooks Camp is situated on Naknek lake. To get there you first hop a PenAir flight from Anchorage to King Salmon, then hop an Otter (bush plane) on floats and land on Naknek lake. As we landed there were bears as far as the eye could see-in the lake, on the beach, in the river. It’s almost a disneyland of brown bears. It was a five night/six day trip-half rain/wind & half sun-a little bit of everything.  We even got to see two different sows with four cubs each! 


These sub-adults played non-stop the entire time we were there-they fun to watch.


We got up early two mornings and made it out to the platform before sunrise. A little creepy going through the woods with 70-90 bears in the area, some being sows with cubs! We were rewarded by one nice sunrise and this bear walking like a human off the end of the spit!


Lazy bears fishing. Otis, in back, is one big, very fat bear. That was his permanent position, no other bear challenged his fishing hole.  He was persistant, always in the same spot 24/7. The bear in front would wait until a fish swam into his chest, then he’d try to catch it.




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